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Linux Vs Windows: How To Choose The Right VPS Operating System

Finding the right VPS Operating System (OS) is crucial for two reasons. Oneis that it’s the fundamental interface you’ll be using for communicating with the server. Secondly, both OS offer distinct ways of operating servers.

Second, the OS will generally determine how your website functions. Every operating system has its own and occasionally exclusive software and applications to run a server which means that your selection of software will be determined on the basis of the system you select.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting, also known as Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS) is one form of web hosting in which multiple websites are able to share resources on one server. Due to virtualization on the server every website is isolated from other sites on the server, and is given the sole and exclusive hosting resource.

How do you select the most suitable operating system you can use for you VPS Server?

There are two players on the market for operating systems for servers — Linux as well as Windows.

Linux is an open source operating system that is open to anyone. However, you’ll require a lot of knowledge about Linux in order to run a Linux distro straight from the beginning. Most likely, you’ll need to invest in the customization of your Linux to be able to utilize it with ease.

Windows Server Operating System however is quite like the PC Windows OS, meaning there’s a high chance that you’re familiar with how to operate the system straight from the beginning. But, Windows server operating system isn’t completely free.

In addition, it’s essential to recognize from the beginning that there’s not a ‘ better’ alternative here. Both, Windows and Linux both have their fair advantage and disadvantages. The most suitable choice for your needs is one that meets your requirements superiorly to the previous.

This article looks at the key characteristics of both operating systems, and explains the market segments they each cater to.

Easy to use

If you’ve never had the pleasure of using Linux previously, Windows is obviously easier to learn. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) GUI is familiar to the majority, if not everyone, and the layout is easy to follow. Even if you’ve never tried Windows previously, it’s easy to master in comparison to other Linux distros.

This isn’t to say that Linux distros are difficult to use or understand. Linux has advanced a lot over the last few years. You just need to be aware of the fundamental variations in the way Linux is configured. Additionally, many Linux applications are setup exactly like the other Windows application today, so it’s not too difficult of a leap to make.


If your site is to be built on applications like C#, VB dev, MS Access, and many various other Microsoft products, then you need to install an Windows operating system. It’s as simple as that because these software applications are not compatible with the Linux environment.

However when you’re planning to make use of PHP, Python, MySQL, Ruby, Rails, and others, Linux is a clear option. Although the majority of these applications are compatible with Windows but the integration isn’t perfect and you’ll encounter a lot of issues that could seriously affect the performance of your website.


Windows receives regular updates periodically and they’re always scrutinized and tested before. This means that you’ll seldom experience any issues with system updates. However, there’s a issue.

A majority, if certainly not all of these updates will cause the computer (server) to restart. This which means that the server will be down for a time. When the server goes down, so does your website. It’s not long-lasting however, as websites giving uptime for servers an extremely high priority, you could be able to see that forced restarts pose a risk over the long haul.

Linux On its own is an open source software which means it’s run by the communities of developers, designers and engineers for testing. If you’re not sure the best place to search for solutions, tackling problems with Linux can be a hassle. As you make use of Linux increasingly you’ll know the right solutions and the process becomes simpler.

Operating System Security

Linux is generally thought as more safe as compared to Windows and this is a valid reason. Most people don’t know the ins and outs of Linux which includes hackers so the amount of people who are at risk is pretty small at first.

Linux is also used to host servers for quite some period of time, which means that the setup for Linux servers is generally very good. For instance, access is extremely restricted on the Linux system. If you don’t have root access and know precisely what you’re doing, constructing backdoors, even if accidentally is a lot of work.

Windows however, is, however is a more targeted threat. A lot of people are aware of the way Windows operates, which implies that Windows is more vulnerable to being targeted. In the past several years Windows Server security has been increasing and improving by the day.

What is the better OS for you? Windows or Linux?

As we’ve said before there’s no one right answer to this. The best method to determine which OS is most suitable is to take into consideration the type of site you’re creating. If you’re creating a site that is heavily dependent upon Microsoft software, then choose Windows since it’s the most effective choice.

However it is a good idea to use SSH for your site, or if you are using Ruby, Python, etc. Linux is the most suitable option as these applications work best when used with Linux. Furthermore, Linux has historically been the preferred option for servers.


No matter which OS you pick, you must make sure that you purchase an VPS that is from trusted vendor. The choice of your VPS service will influence the way your website operates.

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