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What Makes VPS Hosting A Cost-Effective Hosting Solution?

The two traditional web hosting options – Shared Hosting and dedicated Servers were the dominant choices in the hosting market for a period of time. For new websites, cheap shared hosting was an most suitable option. For websites which experienced spikes in traffic the only upgrade available was a dedicated Server Hosting plan. From a shared plan of a basic nature it was necessary to upgrade to a costly dedicated server.

The introduction of server virtualization has led to the development of an alternative that is viable – VPS Hosting. VPS Hosting can be described as the ideal alternative to dedicated and shared hosting. And, what’s more? It’s very comfortable on your pockets.

In this article, we’ll discover the reasons the reason VPS Hosting is such a cost-effective hosting option. Before we do that, let’s understand the essence of VPS Hosting.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS refers to Virtual Private Server and it’s a hosting method that lets several websites share resources on the same server. While it sounds similar to Shared Hosting but there’s a major difference.

With the VPS Hosting structure the website receives an unspecified quantity of resources from the server that don’t share with other websites within the servers. For instance that a site has an option that provides the capacity of 4GB RAM with 100GB of storage and 2 CPU cores, the site will have exclusive , constant access to the resources at all times.

The resources, once assigned to a site, aren’t transferred to other web sites. Actually, every website functions as an entirely separate server. Thus, the name is Virtual Private Server. Websites that are hosted in the VPS environment are not able to connect to other sites, and remain completely isolated as though they were a separate server.

This allows Web hosting providers to provide many options for VPS plans, like customization, root access as well as other features. These are typically reserved for dedicated hosting plans.

Why is VPS so cost-effective?

To comprehend the factors that make VPS Hosting an efficient method of hosting, it’s essential to know the place VPS is in the pricing structure for web hosting services.

The most well-known web hosting option is Shared Hosting which like VPS, several websites can share resources with one server. However, there isn’t a set allocation of resources. Therefore your performance as a site in a sense is contingent on how many resources are used for other web sites in the time. It’s not a case of isolation for a website.

This isn’t to say that Shared Hosting isn’t efficient. It’s actually an excellent option to host a site when you’ve got a brand new tiny website that isn’t generating much traffic. But security and performance concerns typically discourage business website owners and even small-scale entrepreneurs who really would like to sell their items or services on the internet.

Then there’s Dedicated Host. It’s simply the most reliable web hosting platform. It provides all the storage and resources of a server to a single website. This is ideal for security, reliability as well as speed. The only drawback is that it’s costly, and many small-sized businesses can’t afford it. This makes Dedicated Hosting a good option for large, well-performing websites with a large amount of traffic and revenues.

VPS Hosting sits in between the two in both pricing and features. The main benefit of VPS is that it comes with Dedicated Hosting-like features for only a fraction of the cost. This is the case when you look at the fact that VPS is slightly more expensive than Shared Hosting however it’s a lot cheaper when compared to dedicated hosting.

The final word is that VPS Hosting gives privacy, privacy, customizability and security comparable to the Dedicated Server configuration. However, because VPS Hosting is component of a single physical server, its expenses are shared by the various tenants. This is why the advantages of the virtual server is isolated is great, however the costs shared by the multiple-tenancy system of shared servers makes VPS Hosting a cost-effective solution.

To emphasize our argument Let us take a examine the advantages which VPS Hosting offers.

Benefits of VPS Hosting which Make it Worth the Investment

Affordable as well as Consistent Performance

As we mentioned earlier, VPS offers a fixed allocation of resources for each website. The resources are always at your disposal, which means that you will know the speed at which your site will be in all times.

If you notice that your website to be running slower than you prefer, you can add additional dedicated resources to your site. These resources are typically allocated (varies between companies) and simple to include at the beginning.

Simple scale and fixed resource guarantee that your website is operating at exactly the same throughout the day.

VPS Security Hosting

The complete isolation of a site on a server can be an attractive feature for VPS. If there’s no isolation between servers and the errors of one site could affect other websites. Hackers who have access to one site can easily hack all the other sites on a server when there’s not any isolation.

But, with VPS this issue is resolved completely. Every VPS Server comes with an application called the hypervisor . It is able to isolate each website. In this way, you won’t need to worry about any other website in your server that could cause difficulties.

In addition, you can choose the managed VPS hosting plan in which the hosting service is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of your server as well as managing security settings and updates on time, the installation of security patches etc.

VPS Hosting Access

The root access is possibly the largest selling point of VPS. “Root” is the most basic login name for Linux. The user with the ‘Root’ username has access to all the files on the server. You are able to modify files, install programs or delete them, modify security settings — basically do anything you’d like.

This is also achieved through the hypervisor. Since every website is distinct and is treated by the hypervisor as a single website as one, tiny server.

That means that on the servers, you have the ability to do whatever you want to. System administrators are able to make use of their vast resources to gain root access. They are able to install crucial third-party security software to safeguard your website. They also alter system configurations to increase performance of the site as well as, generally they can alter your site to meet exactly the standards you desire.

Access to root is normally restricted to dedicated hosting and is not available in Shared Hosting packages. If several websites are sharing one server, it’s essential to establish some basic guidelines to ensure everybody has a pleasant experience.

But it is true that with VPS you basically have an entire server to yourself and any limitations are eliminated, which is the reason web hosting providers are able to provide root access through VPS.


There are numerous advantages to using a VPS. Security, speed and reliability, the freedom to design your website as you would like — these are only some of the advantages. But what is what makes VPS very well-known is the fact that it’s affordable. With VPS you can avail the majority of the benefits that Dedicated Hosting has to offer however, you cost a bit more than a typical Shared Hosting plan.

Additionally it is true that a Linux VPS Hosting plan is less expensive than an Windows VPS plan. Linux VPS is an VPS Server that is powered by the open and affordable Linux Operating System. If you’re thinking of purchasing an VPS package for your website it’s not just likely to boost your site’s performance, but also to be cost-effective.

If you are looking to purchase a VPS it is generally recommended to choose one of the most reputable VPS Hosting providers since they pay close attention to the high-end hardware of the server as well as the general security and safety of your server configuration. RabHost offers a wide range of VPS Hosting plans which come using a user-friendly control panel as well as an unpaid SSL certificate. We also offer robust Solid State Drive (SSD) storage, rapid server configuration, powerful KVM hypervisor as well as integrated DDoS security and a dedicated 24/7 support. In the future these are the aspects which will be important the most.

For more details on the VPS hosting plans we offer, give us a phone call now!

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