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WordPress Security in 2022: What We’re Doing to Protect Our Users

It is important to prevent cyber attacks on your website as they can cost you money, time and energy. There are many vulnerabilities in WordPress, but you should be able to protect yourself by understanding the potential links in your site's armor.

WordPress security is an incredibly hot topic.

As the most popular content management system (43.2% of all websites run on WordPress in 2022), WordPress is under constant attack from hackers trying to find its vulnerabilities.

The biggest threats to your security are constantly changing and it’s important to stay on top of what’s happening.

It is important to prevent cyber attacks on your website as they can cost you money, time and energy. There are many vulnerabilities in WordPress, but you should be able to protect yourself by understanding the potential links in your site’s armor.

Wait, isn’t WordPress a secure CMS?

WordPress is a secure platform as long as you follow the best security practices. 97% of all security breaches exploit WordPress plugins, so it’s not a weak CMS.

This article will highlight the biggest WordPress security issues of 2022 and what RabHost is doing to address them.

Outdated core software

As an open source content management system, WordPress is endlessly customizable. There are hundreds of pre-made themes and a large number of plugins that you can use. This makes it attractive to people who want to customize their websites.

Problems can arise if the software is not updated with the latest security patches. This includes risk remediation: if users are not kept up to date, they expose themselves to potential security risks.

RabHost users can enable automatic WordPress updates during website setup via the RabHost installer. In this way we have made it easier to prevent most risks.


Malware can corrupt your site and cause long-term problems for you and your users. It is software designed to infiltrate websites and collect sensitive data. Malware often appears on sites without the owner’s knowledge by exploiting security holes in outdated plugins. Since malware can drop harmful code on a site and steal user data, it poses a huge threat.

RabHost users have access to a malware scanner to detect malware on websites. Additionally, various web application firewalls block and mitigate malicious attacks. We are constantly improving our malware scanner to ensure that our users’ websites remain free of malware.

Unauthorized logins

Also known as “brute force attacks,” unauthorized logins are successful when hackers gain access to a website by guessing a weak password. Using a bot, the hacker tries billions of different username and password combinations, looking for the correct credentials. This slows down website performance as the server creaks under the pressure of requests.

Unauthorized logins are very common because the login page of a WordPress website is very easy to access. Most users don’t customize it, so finding the login page is as simple as adding /wp-admin or /wp-login.php to the end of the website address. RabHost provides a lot of guidance and recommendations on how to get a strong password and how to store it safely.

RabHost platform includes StackProtect, which monitors login attempts on your website. Check for possible “evil” automated requests. If detected, use Google’s latest reCAPTCHA tools and, if necessary, block those attempts.

This also prevents our platform from slowing down. Block up to six million requests, every day. Logins to our WordPress hosting platform are our most popular target, but StackProtect covers all common website logins.

DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a growing danger on the web. They can do great harm to a business by flooding the server with requests, so that regular website users cannot access their website.

If your shared hosting or virtual private server (VPS) is attacked, you usually don’t have much choice but to weather the storm and wait for the attack to stop.

That’s why RabHost introduced 1 Tbps+ anti-DDoS protection. This enterprise-grade protection covers you against most attacks. It only filters out malicious traffic, so you can continue working without any interruption. Don’t let hackers ruin your business.

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